Boost Your Wellness

Take in vitamins with IV treatments in Lapeer, MI

Consuming everything you need to feel your best can be difficult, whether you're adding nutrient sources to your diet or taking supplements. However, you have another way to absorb nutrients - you can use IV infusion treatments. IV Lounge Inc offers a variety of IV treatments for ages 16 and older in Lapeer, MI.

We can help you:

  • Compensate for a vitamin deficiency
  • Address a chronic medical issue
  • Promote energy and vitality
  • Get over a hangover
Call 810-543-1066 now to find out about our IV infusions. Our registered nurses can provide additional treatments, too.

Feel Energized in Your Sport

Try an IV infusion before a practice or game in Lapeer, MI

Explore our additional treatments

In addition to IV treatments, you can visit our lounge for laser therapy, weight loss injections or vitamin injections. You can begin with a free consultation, in which our registered nurses will explain our treatments and tailor a plan to your needs for energy, wellness and health. You can discuss goals ranging from athletic performance to chronic illness symptom reduction with us.

Every treatment is personalized

Our team mixes each of our IV infusions in-house - you'll receive a treatment tailored to your body and your needs, not a mass-produced one. You'll also relax in a comfortable space with a blanket, not a clinical-feeling office. To find out more about what you can expect at our lounge, arrange for a free consultation right away.