Weight Loss Program

Trouble Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals?

Consider using our weight loss and lipo injections in Lapeer, MI

Losing weight can be hard. You might change your lifestyle drastically, but see the number on your scale barely shift. Fortunately, you don't have to take on weight loss by yourself.

IV Lounge Inc offers a Skinny Down Program with weight loss injections in Lapeer, MI. The injections include B vitamins and amino acids, which we have chosen to support you as your body breaks down fat cells and turns food into more energy.

The Skinny Down Program consists of a total of 10 weight loss injections. Our registered nurses will administer two to you each week. If you purchase four injections up front, you'll receive the fifth for free. To find out more, contact us today.

Skinny Down Program

Are you struggling to lose weight? Our weight loss injections combine powerful amino acids with B-vitamins, giving your body the boost it needs to help the pounds fall off!

MIC/B12 $40

Sulfa free Lipo-stat $40

  • IV Lounge Inc. also carries a variety of oral supplements to enhance your weight loss efforts. ** Buy 4 skinny down injections up front and get one free.

I absolutely love this place, it's relaxing, clean and aesthetically pleasing. Pam is so sweet and caring and she really makes you feel comfortable. I've been getting IV infusions for a while now & let me tell you, it's worth it! It helped me in so many ways. I sleep better, my skin looks healthier, I have more energy and it helped my stomach ulcers.

I have been getting The Works with magnesium for a few months and love the way I feel! So much more energy, my sleep has improved and just feel better overall. Love the IV Lounge Inc and everything they have to offer!